Qatar’s advanced health system .. resilient in face of pandemics

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DOHA, April 17: The health system in Qatar proved itself resilient and steady in the face of crises as its rapid and efficient response braved the persistent waves of coronavirus pandemic. This was not the product of arbitrary chance but rather the outcome of a comprehensive scientific strategy, and proactive plans. Qatari Minister of Public Health Dr. Hanan Al-Kuwari repeatedly asserted commitment to “health for all vision” as the health sector achieved significant progress within the past few years in supporting the health and prosperity of Qatari residents.

The gulf state’s proactive strategy successfully overcame coronavirus pandemic using a methodology built on scientific data, cooperation between government bodies and local and international partnerships. These preventative measures are exemplified in establishment of a sturdy organization with progressive infrastructure, well supported by an extensive set of hospitals, medical centers and specialized research institutes.

The number of public hospitals grew from only six in 2011 to 16 in 2022, in addition to the inauguration and establishment of a wide range of clinics and medical centers. The private sector underwent similar significant growth as its facilities increased in number in 2022 to reach 10 hospitals, 19 one-day surgery centers, 390 general and specialized health centers as well as 31 diagnosis centers. Work force in both public and private sectors grew to include 46,371 health workers, compared to 20,682 in 2011.

In the year 2022, Qatar became the very first country with all its municipalities labeled a health area by World Health Organization (WHO). The health area program promotes a more healthy lifestyle. This highly advanced, state of the art infrastructure proved itself a firewall against any pandemic or epidemic, allowing the health system in Qatar to reshape itself adapting and adopting to face emergent situations. Health centers, for instance, transformed into examination treatment and isolation centers during the pandemic while also providing regular services through remote consultations.

Qatar’s health system achieved global recognition with five of its hospitals listed as best 250 academic medical centers in the world, a testament to their efforts in both patient care and medical studies. German Der Spiegel media outlet ranked Qatar 15th in the list of countries to have one of the best responses to the Covid-19 pandemic, the only Arab country in the top 15. Moreover, research done in Qatar throughout pandemic was published in renowned journals, its counter measures include strict travel restrictions, and rapid vaccination campaigns. The state of Qatar believes that investment in health sector is the way towards facing any exceptional circumstances, and despite exerting major efforts during the three-year pandemic, Qatar continues to invest in the growth and development of its health system. (KUNA)

This news has been read 16909 times!

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