‘Public warned against the presence of mines, explosives since liberation’

Older, expired bombs more sensitive: Brig Gen Al-Obaidan

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KUWAIT CITY, Feb 27: The Commander of the Explosive Inspection and Disposal Unit in the Kuwait Armed Forces Brigadier General Yousef Mishari Al-Obaidan affirmed the presence of mines and explosives in the State of Kuwait from the time of its liberation until today. In a statement to Al-Seyassah on the sidelines of the Ministry of Defense parade on Gulf Street during the national holidays, Brigadier General Al-Obaidan explained that the Explosives Inspection and Disposal Unit cleared approximately 1,800,000 mines and more than three million explosive objects such as bullets, weapons, grenades, shells, missiles, and all weapons and ammunition that were remnants of the Iraqi invasion. There is usually an increase in the number of reports received about the discovery of such remnants during the winter, as about 15 reports are received daily, including eight reports of the discovery of explosive objects. The unit is directly connected with the Operations Room (hotline No. 112) so that it can respond to such reports and deal with them immediately. The unit also has been conducting inspections of infrastructure and new projects to ensure they are free of any foreign objects.

Regarding the validity of these explosives, Brigadier General Yousef Al-Obaidan confirmed that the older the explosives are or have expired, the more sensitive they are. He said, “We in Kuwait have made great strides in the clearing operations. There are many countries around the world such as Germany and the countries involved in World War II where they continue to find bombs and ammunition that still can explode. Kuwait is working on using the best military equipment to search and detect these explosive objects.” Brigadier General Al-Obaidan affirmed that their participation in the parade was aimed at showcasing the capabilities of the Kuwait Armed Forces, especially the engineering of the ground force in terms of daily operations and equipment. He added that an awareness campaign was held about dangerous and explosive objects, especially during camping and rain, and to alert the public about these objects that may be seen and how to deal with them by taking safety measures and informing the competent authorities. Brigadier General Al-Obaidan stressed the need to alert people to these dangerous objects and make them aware of their forms. He wished safety for citizens and residents and urged for their cooperation to report immediately if they see these objects to preserve their safety.
By Munif Naif
Al-Seyassah/Arab Times Staff

This news has been read 1102 times!

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