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O Central Bank governor, the government is heedless

FOR more than two years, we have been warning of what the country could descend into in the absence of a well-studied economic and financial …

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‘Mosafer’ app says do not travel

THIS comes with an apology to our dear friend Sheikh Hamad Jaber Al-Ali who said, “Travel and relax” a few days ago. Our Minister of …

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Dirty secret of racism

Racism is a phenomenon that exists all over the world, and there are some countries that are trying to eradicate it through the imposition of …

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Tunisia rises, buries ‘Brotherhood’ destructive project

AFTER a decade of suffering and desperate popular attempts to bring Tunisia back to the right course but without success, the Tunisians have lost their …

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Selfish ‘foreign’ retirees

Two days ago, I wrote about a proposal for retirees to share part of the Public Institution for Social Security’s (PIFSS) profits. As I expected, …

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To the Arab leaders … He who constantly monitors people will worry himself to death

THE Arab revolutionary regimes lost their way and condemned themselves to failure after they made it their priority to monitor and spy on their own …

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The end of 66 years of love

Lebanon, in its current state, is a victim of three parties — its politicians, its brotherly Arabs, and before this and that, its entire people. …

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From Eisenhower to Biden, has US view towards Gulf changed?

THE State of Kuwait is scheduled to receive the US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken the day after tomorrow on his first official visit to …

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Handling funds for retirees

For nearly a year, Kuwait’s credit ratings have been continuously downgraded by international rating agencies, which have great influence in the world of finance. A …

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Good manners, reputation, we give him our daughter, but not the State

FOR the third time in less than two years, international credit institutions have lowered Kuwait’s credit rating. For the second time in two years, the …

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