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Friday , December 3 2021

Professions exempted from salary requirement to sponsor family visa

My husband is working as a nurse in industrial area and his basic salary is KD 450. According to new rule is he eligible to apply for a family visa? In case if he is not eligible for family visa, if I come to Kuwait on a work visa and our combined basic salary is above KD 650. Can we sponsor our child?

Name withheld

Answer: Under the new rule, an expatriate worker should earn a monthly salary of KD 500 to be in position to sponsor his family on dependent visa. This not withstanding, workers belonging to certain professions are exempted from meeting this salary requirement.

Those exempted include consultants, jurists, prosecutors, experts, legal researchers in the public sector, doctor, lecturers in higher education institutions, school principals and assistants, education guides and teachers, social counselors, laboratory technicians, economic and finance advisors, engineers, imams, muezzins and those who teach the Holy Qur’an, librarians, nursing staffs, paramedics, medical technicians with various specializations, journalists, coaches and players in sports club’s, pilots and service crew and undertakers.

Zeroing in on your specific question, you can see that nurses are among the list of workers exempted from meeting the minimum salary requirement. He must however point out that in some of the exemptions, there is discrimination between those in the public sector and their counterparts in the private sector so we can’t say for certainty that your husband can sponsor you on family especially if he is not working with the public sector.

On the issue of you and your husband combining your salaries to satisfy the minimum salary requirement, we are sorry to say that is not possible as the practice, which was allowed some years ago, has since been discontinued and hence sponsoring your child on your husband’s monthly of KD 450 cannot materialize unless he gets an exemption from the concerned authority

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