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Professional hacker on the loose in market

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 9: A professional hacker managed to penetrate the e-mail of director-general of a German company, and e-mail of a local private company owned by a well-known personality and requested the company to transfer the remaining money of the KD 12,000 contract concluded between the two parties to another new account, reports Al- Shahed daily.

After transferring the money, the local company at the request of the alleged director- general the company waited for the response but none came along and then the local company contacted the beneficiary only to learn no such request had been made. A source says the hacker knows the ins and outs of the company and was able to do the job without arousing suspicion and this means the hacker is the one who could have access to all the information and data from its electronic devices and addresses of its partners in the Middle East. A representative of the local company has filed a complaint with the Khaitan Police Station.

Meanwhile, in an unrelated story, when police towed a car carrying a diplomatic number plate to its garage and arrested the driver of the car, an Egyptian plumber while the latter was performing prayers in a mosque in Ardhiya, police were shocked to learn the man bought the car from an employee of the Nigerian Embassy, reports Al-Shahed daily.

According to sources the car is the property of the Nigerian government and the car was sold for reportedly KD 1,000. The car was taken to the police garage on suspicion from the parking lot of the Al-Wuhaib mosque in Ardhiya. Police found inside the car sanitary utilities and as the police lifted the car, the Egyptian said he had been using the car for almost a year and that he bought it from an employee of the Nigerian Embassy in Kuwait. Meanwhile, the Al-Anba daily said the Egyptian has been referred to the deportation center for staying in the country illegally for the past four months.

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