Foul-Mouthed Parrots Get a Reprieve at Zoo

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Lincolnshire Park reintegrates eight swearing parrots with non-swearing counterparts.

LONDON, Jan 25: Steve Nichols, chief executive of the Lincolnshire Wildlife Park, revealed that a group of profanity-prone African gray parrots, infamous for their foul language, is now being reintegrated with the rest of the park’s parrot flock. The decision was prompted by the recent addition of three more foul-mouthed parrots, making a total of eight.

The parrots, received from different owners in 2020, had been isolated to prevent them from passing on their explicit vocabulary to the other parrots. Nichols explained, “We’ve put eight offensive, swearing parrots with 92 non-swearing ones.” He emphasized the surprising expletives that filled the air when the parrots were being moved.

The hope is that by placing the swearing parrots with the larger flock, they will pick up new sounds and behaviors from their non-profanity-prone counterparts. Nichols acknowledged the potential risk, stating, “We could end up with 100 swearing parrots on our hands. Only time will tell.”

Despite the colorful language, Nichols stressed the importance of prioritizing the well-being of the parrots. “Parrots are flock creatures. They need to be with other parrots. The bigger the flock, the happier they are. Even though they swear, the welfare of the birds has to come first,” he explained.

To forewarn visitors, the zoo has placed signs about the possibility of hearing explicit language. Surprisingly, the swearing parrots have become a hit with the public. Nichols humorously remarked, “We did hear a lot more customers swearing at parrots than we did parrots swearing at customers.”

This news has been read 667 times!

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