Probe underway as Indian man involved in trafficking maids to Kuwait & Mideast

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Women complain physical, mental abuse

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 4: Security authorities in the city of Tumkur in the Indian state of Karnataka detained a person named Sayed Khadr based on a complaint filed against him for exploiting Indian maids upon their recruitment in Kuwait, and investigation revealed that the person is not a Kuwaiti resident but an Indian resident of Tiruvannamalai City in Tamil Nadu, reports Al- Rai daily.

Sources from Kuwait’s Foreign Ministry told the daily that they were following up the file with Indian authorities through the Kuwaiti Embassy in New Delhi since the accused was sending his victims to Kuwait. The daily quoting several Indian websites and media said the 65-year-old Indian defendant, Sayed Khadr, fell into police custody after a taxi driver lured him from the town of Hainur.

The driver and his friend drove the suspect to the station and handed him over to the police on accusations of misleading women by collecting huge sums from them and sending them to Kuwait on bright promises only to discover they had been trafficked.

The taxi driver, Sayed Tabriz, said he had two neighbors who telephoned him from Kuwait to report the deeds of Khadr whom they said has caused them “suffering through abuse,” according to Indian media. The two women, 45-yearold mother and her 24-year-old daughter, traveled to Kuwait with the promise of an office job in June, so the duo was surprised when they arrived in the country and their passports were confiscated and later forced to serve as domestic workers.

“They were allegedly raped and detained at home. After a while, they had the opportunity to make an international call and narrated their predicament to Syed Tabriz on Nov 26. They explained how Sayed Khadr had promised them good jobs and good salary before they arrived in Kuwait but they were sent to work in somebody’s house. The mother was sent to Saudi Arabia to work in the house of another man for one month before returning to her daughter’s home again,” press reports stated.

Tabriz explained to the local newspapers that he decided to catch the suspect, so he called and persuaded him that he had several women who wanted to travel to Kuwait. After agreeing to meet in the town of Tomakoro, the taxi driver was accompanied by one of his friends to the agreed location where they handcuffed Khadr and took him to a police station.

The police then decided to detain him for investigation on the basis of an official report submitted by Tabriz. According to the police, Khadr, who was arrested on Nov 27 is running the trade in maids under the guise of an international recruitment consultancy he managed from his hometown, Tiruvannamalai. Investigations also revealed the defendant had already facilitated the travel of dozens of maids in the same fraudulent means to Kuwait, Dubai and other Middle East countries.

A senior security official said police would communicate with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to coordinate on how to rescue and repatriate Khadr’s victims.

This news has been read 14622 times!

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