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Probe relaunched into death of bedoun who committed suicide inside Police Station

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 8: The Al-Anba has provided details of the case which it had published yesterday about a bedoun who had allegedly committed suicide inside the Wafra Police Station, reports the daily.

According to a security source, the police station had received a report 48 hours before the bedoun committed suicide that a person was throwing stones at vehicles in the Al-Wafra area, endangering the lives of passers-by, and accordingly, a patrol was instructed to deal with the report and the person was arrested, whose full name and age was given.

The security sources said after checking the person’s name on the computer of the Ministry of Interior, it became clear that he was a bedoun and was wanted to serve a prison term.

The source stated the bedoun was kept in the office in preparation for his referral to the Central Prison, and the day before yesterday, specifically at about nine in the evening, the officer of the Wafra Police Station informed that the arrested bedoun had committed suicide and his corpse was referred to Forensics.

He allegedly hanged himself with the blanket which was given to him inside the police station bathroom. An investigation will be reopened to find out any defect that can be exploited at a later time, so that the incident does not happen again.

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