Pro-Palestinian Activist Releases Mice in UK McDonald’s

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Birmingham, Oct 31: A pro-Palestinian activist recently shared a disturbing video in which he released mice painted with the colors of the Palestinian flag inside a McDonald’s restaurant in Birmingham, UK. The video showed the activist shouting anti-Israel slogans while the painted mice roamed the restaurant, causing panic among the customers. The video, which was captioned “Enjoy your rat burgers,” began with the activist opening the trunk of his car, displaying license plates reading “PAIISTN – Free Palestine.” He then released the mice inside the McDonald’s, and they scattered throughout the eatery.

The incident was condemned by both the restaurant and various groups. McDonald’s confirmed the incident and stated that the restaurant had been fully sanitized, and pest control experts were called in to conduct an inspection. The activist’s actions were widely criticized, with concerns raised about the treatment of the mice and the safety of the customers. Animal rights group Viva! expressed distress over the use of animals in this manner, stating that it did not contribute positively to the political discussion surrounding the Middle East conflict.

It’s essential to remember that such actions can be both distressing and potentially harmful, and there are more constructive ways to engage in political discourse.

This news has been read 7499 times!

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