Privatization a solution amid gov’t constraints

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This was clearly stated by our new Prime Minister during his recent press conference: We just cannot hire or recruit 30,000 fresh Kuwaiti graduates. The private sector is the solution. Finally, such a warning is coming from our government regarding its inability to find or create jobs. It has done the right thing, as it is turning to the private sector to do the job.

Certainly, our private businesses can do the job, and can hire young graduates, but it must be ready for this. It is the government’s task to free itself from controlling almost everything in the country in every sector; from running the postal sector, airport, roads, transportation, hospitals, education, and so on, as well as running more than ten oil companies in every field such as refining, oil tankers, petrochemical, marine oil services, gas stations and services, cylinder gas distribution, lube factory, etc. However, the private sector is not encouraging fresh graduates to join it. The same applies to our chamber of commerce, which is encouraging the government to hand off its immense activities.

The reluctance of young graduates to join the private sector is due to their concern about the working conditions, such as the long hours, hard work, as well as the possibility of being dismissed at short notice. It is here that the chamber of commerce and the private sector must play a role in addressing the concerns of the young graduates about working outside the government chambers and assuring them of incentives and good conditions. At the same time, the government has been issuing monthly payments to encourage Kuwaitis to work in the private sector. It may also add more financial incentives, as well as guarantee their job security. It is time for our government to free itself from controlling almost every activity of the oil sector and pass it on to the public. It is time that we move forward, let our country move forward, and let our young people get the opportunity to excel and perform instead of being stuck in government bureaucracy jobs.

The time has come for the government to free itself and pass the responsibility to the people away from government jobs and payouts, as it is becoming impossible to find and create new jobs for all the young graduates. The private sector and the chamber of commerce should play a greater role and be more proactive. It is an opportunity to open our country and give our private sector the space to create perform, and repeat the experience of private ownership and its limits of creativity. The time has come for the government to free itself and pass the responsibility to the private sector based on its own established rules and regulations.

By Kamel Al-Harami
Independent Oil Analyst
Email: [email protected]

This news has been read 619 times!

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