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Thursday , August 18 2022

Private marinas and harbors owners do not pay any fees to the state

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KUWAIT CITY, Aug 30: In the midst of the government’s accelerated steps to reduce subsidies and the cost of living bill provided by the state to the citizens in order to reduce the budget deficit, questions are being raised about the fees that can be collected from the wealthiest citizens, and whether the Cabinet’s Economic Committee has included them among the ideas presented for discussion, reports Al- Rai daily. In this regard, economic sources revealed that many of the houses located directly on the sea are extensions of the properties of their owners.

However, they said, “By law, it is possible to own land, but it is not possible to own anything in the sea, as it is public property. According to previous government practice and statements, it is also forbidden for coastal home owners to fence an extension to the sea. Nevertheless, it has been seen that there are many of them who have “private marinas’’ in front of their homes that are estimated at millions of dinars if they are actually evaluated. Perhaps their value exceeds the value of the land where their houses are already located”. The sources revealed that, despite the high value of these private marinas and harbors, their owners do not pay any fees to the state.

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