Princess Diana’s first job application reveals intriguing details

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Princess Diana

LONDON, April 17: A piece of Princess Diana’s early history is set to go under the hammer at Auctioneum Ltd in Bristol, sparking intrigue and shedding light on her journey before royalty. The auction item in question is her employment contract with Solve Your Problem Ltd, a prestigious childcare company catering to the affluent.

Diana, then just a teenager, submitted the application in May 1979, shortly after her move to London. In a move that surprised many, she reportedly listed her birth year as 1960 instead of 1961, effectively presenting herself as a year older to secure the position. This detail revealed through her handwritten application, has added a layer of fascination to the document, which is expected to fetch over £5,000 at auction.

According to Andrew Stowe, the auctioneer, the deliberate misrepresentation of her age was likely a strategic move to appear more mature and increase her chances of landing the job. The contract not only serves as a testament to Diana’s early ambition and resourcefulness but also offers insights into her skill set at the time, including basic cooking, housework, and ballet dancing.

Solve Your Problem Ltd, founded by Mary Cook, a former Portuguese Countess, was renowned for its elite clientele, including royal households and wealthy individuals. Diana’s stint as a nanny and child carer marked her entry into the workforce before her life took an unexpected turn towards royalty.

The contract, kept as a memento by Cook and later acquired by its current owners, encapsulates a significant moment in Diana’s life before her iconic status as the Princess of Wales. It serves as a poignant reminder of her aspirations, uncertainties, and the ordinary yet pivotal steps she took on her path to becoming a global icon.

The document will be featured in Auctioneum’s ‘Autographs & Memorabilia Online Auction,’ offering enthusiasts a rare glimpse into the life of one of the most beloved figures of the twentieth century. As the bidding begins, Diana’s first job application stands as a testament to her humanity, resilience, and the extraordinary journey that lay ahead.

This news has been read 350 times!

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