Pregnant – Husband in India, want to sponsor infant

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I am 4 months pregnant, my husband is in India. After delivery is it possible to put the infant residence on my name as dependent. I am drawing salary of KD 450. If yes, need to know the procedure.

Name withheld

Answer: You will have a herculian task to sponsor your baby after delivery as Kuwait law allows only the man to do the sponsorship.

In your case the issue becomes even more complex as your husband is in India. As a matter of fact your problems will start at the time of delivery where you will have to convince the hospital authorities that you are indeed married and that the pregnancy emanated from your husband and not outside wedlock to which the laws of Kuwait frown upon.

To clear this hurdle, you must arm yourself with a marriage certificate attested by the foreign ministry in your country your embassy in Kuwait and the Kuwait Foreign Ministry annex in Shuwaikh. You may also need to prove through entries in your passport that 4 months ago you were in India with your husband or your husband was with you here in Kuwait.

If the hospital authorities are convinced with these documents you will have a safe and unfettered delivery and possibly use the same documents to get a birth certificate for your child. If on the other hand, these documents are not able to remove their doubts, you will fund yourself at the wrong side of the law after the delivery of your baby.

Coming back to the issue of sponsorship, we must add that even though Kuwait law allows only the man to sponsor the children, in some cases and on grounds of compassion, this requirement is waived and a woman can be allowed to sponsor a child.

Having said this, we will advise that if you are able to clear the first hurdle, you can go ahead and submit an application to the Immigration Department and attach the following documents to the application.

1. A copy of the child’s passport.

2. A copy of the child’s birth certificate

3. Marriage certificate as indicated earlier

4. Your work permit showing you are drawing a salary of KD 450

5. Rental contract

6 Copies of your Civil ID

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This news has been read 7206 times!

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