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Thursday , October 28 2021

Power use record amid stifling temps

KUWAIT CITY, June 6, (Agencies): The Kuwaiti Ministry of Electricity, Water and Renewable Energy announced on Sunday that the electrical loads reached a record high of 15,070 megawatts, amid soaring summer heat hitting 50 degrees. The Ministry said in a press statement that the highest electrical loads last year reached 16.8 megawatts, noting that the rate of reserve electrical power in the network is 15 percent.

The ministry predicted that the electrical loads will keep rising in the upcoming days due to increasing high temperatures. The ministry called on citizens and residents to reduce electricity consumption after registering a high record on electrical loads, which puts great pressure on the electrical system in the country. In an undesirable aspect, Kuwait has surpassed all countries in the world, by ranking first on the list of countries that consume the most electricity in homes.

According to a recent report issued by the World Energy Council, Kuwait tops the list of countries in electricity consumption in homes, with an average consumption of 40.4 kilowatts annually. It is followed by Qatar with 31.8 kilowatts, then Saudi Arabia with 24 kilowatts, and the United Arab Emirates with 17.6 kilowatts. The Gulf countries, which are famous for their hot summers, are struggling to come up with solutions to rationalize their energy consumption. Norway ranked fourth with 15.3 kilowatts, the United States with 12.3 kilowatts, Canada with 11.1 kilowatts, Finland with 8 kilowatts, Sweden with 7.6 kilowatts, and New Zealand with 7.4 kilowatts. In addition, a study published by the “Journal of Electrical Interconnection” of the Gulf Electricity Interconnection Authority revealed that the Gulf countries are trying to balance between keeping the cost of consumption down, and reducing waste through a thoughtful review of prices. However, they are not compromising on the subsidies enjoyed by the Gulf citizens, even though numerous international studies and reports show that the per capita consumption of electricity in the Arabian Gulf states is higher than in Europe and the United States, which is due to the cheap prices of electricity.

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