Potential breakthrough seen in treating autism spectrum disorder in humans

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Chinese researchers have developed a groundbreaking “super vaccine” designed to address autism. Initial experiments conducted on mice yielded unexpectedly positive results, fueling optimism for potential human applications in the near future. As reported by the British newspaper “Daily Mail” and outlined on “Al Arabiya.net,” the innovative injections, currently exclusive to mouse trials, exhibit promising indications for treating autism in humans.

In Shanghai, scientists administered a gene-editing tool to mice, targeting a specific DNA mutation associated with autism symptoms. Mice displaying the targeted genetic characteristic experienced a remarkable reversal of their behavioral and social challenges.

The research, led by scientists from Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine and Fudan University, identified a link between autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and a mutation in the MEF2C gene.

Defects in this gene contribute to disruptions in crucial developmental processes within the brain. While the focus remained on the MEF2C gene, the scientists cautioned that other genetic mutations likely play roles in autism development.

The decision to concentrate on the MEF2C gene stemmed from its connection to a higher prevalence of autism diagnoses in Chinese and Korean children exhibiting mutations or deletions in this gene.

The success observed in mouse trials raises hopes for a potential breakthrough in treating autism spectrum disorder in humans. (Agencies)

This news has been read 1647 times!

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