Poonam Pandey’s death hoax for cervical cancer awareness sparks social media storm

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Poonam Pandey

INDIA, Feb 3: In a shocking turn of events, Bollywood actor and model Poonam Pandey has stirred controversy by falsely announcing her death from cervical cancer on her official Instagram account. The statement, posted on Friday, claimed that the 32-year-old had succumbed to the disease, leading to widespread mourning and confusion among her 1.3 million followers.

Pandey’s team, including her manager Nikita Sharma, reportedly confirmed the news to various Indian national news outlets. However, the actor later revealed through a series of posts and videos that the announcement was a deliberate publicity stunt aimed at raising awareness about cervical cancer screenings.

Addressing the controversy, Pandey acknowledged the unexpected nature of the event but emphasized its greater purpose in shedding light on the lack of awareness surrounding cervical cancer. She cited an Indian government pledge in the recent Budget to improve cervical cancer screenings and HPV vaccinations but expressed skepticism about the impact it would have on public consciousness.

The false report of her death, attached to “500 headlines,” has ignited a wave of criticism from fans and the medical community. Despite the backlash, Pandey defended the stunt, asserting her willingness to absorb the impact for the greater good. The statement announcing her death remains on her Instagram page at the time of writing.

The controversial move has sparked discussions about its appropriateness and sensitivity, with critics labeling it as “distasteful” and “insensitive.” Notable personalities, including entertainment journalist Hesha Chimah and doctor-author Tanaya Narendra, condemned Pandey for her ill-conceived campaign.

Pandey, originally from Kanpur, India, rose to fame in Bollywood with her debut in the 2013 film “Nasha.” She participated in the first season of the reality show “Lock Upp” in 2022, hosted by actor Kangana Ranaut.

The incident adds another chapter to Pandey’s tumultuous public life, marked by a domestic abuse case involving filmmaker Sam Bombay, arrest controversies during the COVID-19 lockdown, and her entanglement in a major porn film racketing case in 2022.

This news has been read 1297 times!

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