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Monday , September 26 2022

Police foil more than 100 attempts by Arab, Asian expats to flee Jleeb area in 2 months

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KUWAIT CITY, June 11: Nearly 64 days after the Cabinet issued the decision for complete isolation of Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh area, which has about 323,000 residents, the interests of the vast majority of them have been disrupted and their opportunity to work has diminished.

Their urgent need to return to their jobs has become a concern because many of those residing in that area are working on daily wages, and are unable to pay the rents of their housing for the last two months, according to some people following the matter as well as some building owners.

Security sources declared that health security is “a red line” and is considered the top priority.

However, the length of the isolation period and the fact that many workers are surviving without work and salaries have prompted some of them to try to escape.

Security personnel assigned to man the exits of the area throughout the past two months managed to thwart more than 100 attempts by Arab and Asian migrant workers to flee. Securitymen referred the violators to the competent authorities.

The sources explained that investigations revealed the majority of those who were caught were trying to move to areas where no isolation was imposed and where there are housing for bachelors. They made their escape attempts by penetrating the wired fences surrounding the area in agreement with some others from outside the area who were waiting for them in their cars on the public road.

The Criminal Security Sector used the information given by these expatriates to uncover some secret exits, which some could be exploiting to leave the area. They were able to close them in coordination with other security sectors.

The sources stressed that the instructions issued to the security elements are clear and explicit, stipulating the need to implement decisions related to isolation strictly and severely without leaving any loophole for the weak souls to penetrate.

It is worth mentioning that the Cabinet issued its decision on April 6 to impose complete isolation on Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh and Mahboula area, and place the country on complete lockdown from May 10 to May 30 in order to deal with the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic based on the recommendations of the health authorities.

Meanwhile, the sources revealed that “good Samaritans” did not relent in distributing food to the needy in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh area for 63 days but the situation is more than mere personal and individual efforts of the philanthropists.

Although the reports received indicate that the situation inside Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh area is reassuring in terms of provision of food and gas and operation of fuel stations, many workers suffer financially, economically and socially due to non-payment of their salaries during the past period. This resulted in their inability to pay their house rents and facing problems with the owners of the buildings, as some of the landlords cut off water and electricity supply because of nonpayment of rents.

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