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Sunday , January 29 2023

Plans to hire 1,000 female cleaning workers from India & Nepal

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KUWAIT CITY, Nov 24: Based on its inability to meet the need for female cleaning workers through local contracting, the Ministry of Education tends to sign contracts for cleaning workers, according to which it will need about 1,000 female workers from India and Nepal, to meet the needs of schools, reports Al-Qabas daily. The daily has learned from informed sources that the Administrative Affairs and Administrative Development Sector of the Ministry of Education, has formally addressed the Civil Service Commission to approve “foreign contracting committees”, going to India and Nepal, to sign contracts to recruit about 1,000 female workers, to meet the ministry needs.

The sources expected the committees to leave Kuwait next December, after obtaining the approval of the CSC to form these committees, indicating that the ministry was unable to meet the required number of cleaning workers through local contracting, especially in light of the continued need of schools, educational areas and the Ministry’s General Office. The sources stated that the ministry requested to dispatch two committees for selection and outsourcing for the job (females only) in India and Nepal, the first headed by an assistant undersecretary and the second headed by a director of department, and included members in both committees, who had the technical competence concerned with the departments of services and human resources, to carry out the tasks of selection and sorting applications, auditing and conducting personal interviews with the applicants, and then carrying out the contracting procedure.

The sources explained the ministry is keen to complete the efforts made to meet the needs of the educational field for the necessary services, especially hygiene, in a way that ensures the smooth functioning of education facilities regularly.

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