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Piracy affects economy, endangers lives

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Market awash with counterfeit goods

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 17: Trading in counterfeit goods is a serious crime that affects the country’s economy and endangers consumers’ lives according to senior government officials, legal experts and experts in consumer affairs who are of the opinion that this happens in the absence of cultural dimensions, noting it will have consequences on human health if counterfeiting seeps into the food that we consume if they are in car spare parts, for fear of break failures, tyres bursting on the roads and causing multiple accidents, reports Al-Anba daily.

These experts, in separate statements to a local Arabic daily, that counterfeit goods are sold widely in all markets, and they include clothes, watches and shoes, although according to the law, the penalty for displaying a counterfeit product is to close the shop immediately before referring it to the prosecution because such activity goes hand in hand with money laundering activity and therefore it is a crime that negatively affects the national economy because well-known brands sometimes refuse to enter the market competition.

They pointed out that, according to documents several complaints have been filed by young people who have private projects and compete against popular central markets that are imitating their ideas and products, and therefore it is necessary to protect them through the law, especially since these projects are considered a second income for the state beside oil and that they are part of the national economy.

They stated that many consumers buy counterfeit goods, which leads to an increase in their sales due to the ‘obsession’ they have to buy branded goods and this contributes to the increase in fraud and counterfeiting, noting that the penalties prescribed in the law on the phenomenon of forgery and commercial fraud are insufficient and need to be tightened to deter them from this illegal activity.

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