Philippines population to hit 112-M by end of 2023, says CPD

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MANILA, Philippines, Nov 25, (Agencies): The Philippines is anticipated to reach a population of 112 million by the year’s end, as stated by the Commission on Population and Development (CPD) on Nov 25, based on the projected growth rate from the 2020 census results.

The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) predicts a year-end population of 112 million in 2023, a slightly lower figure than the CPD’s initial projection of 115 million. The CPD’s estimate was based on a 1.6 million annual population growth rate, while the PSA considered the impact of reduced births and elevated mortality rates in 2021 and 2022, primarily influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The CPD acknowledged that its initial projection was an overestimate, confirming the revised population figure of 112 million in 2023.

Currently, the Philippines ranks 13th globally in terms of population and 7th in the Asia-Pacific region. CPD Executive Director Lolito Tacordon noted a decline in the country’s population growth rate, which is now at 1.6 percent, down from the previous three percent annual rate. The 2022 National Demographic and Health Survey revealed an average of two children per family, contributing to the slowed population growth.

Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr approved the Philippine Population and Development Plan of Action (PPD-POA) 2023-2028 on Nov 14 via Memorandum Circular No. 40. Tacordon emphasized the importance of such measures for policymakers to strategize and optimize the use of the Philippines’ human resources.

At present, 8.5 percent of the Philippine population consists of senior citizens, with the majority falling within the working-age population, classified between the ages of 15 and 64.

This news has been read 700 times!

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