Philippines Embassy to implement new contract system for domestics

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‘Embassy can summon sponsor in case complaint’

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 12: Embassy of the Philippines in Kuwait has started implementing a new system for the recruitment of its citizens to work in the domestic sector of Kuwait, reports Al-Rai daily.

One of the most prominent provisions of this contracting system is that a domestic worker (housemaid) should not take care of more than four babies.

In case there are more than four babies in a house, the employee should hire another housemaid.  A source with information about this system explained to the daily that an employer is obliged to fill in correct details when applying for domestic services.

In case incorrect information is provided especially concerning the number of household members, the embassy has the right to withdraw the domestic worker after the case is proven to be true.

In accordance to the new system, an employer is supposed to provide separate room for the domestic worker that is equipped with telephone and internet services in order for her to make calls. She should also be granted a resting day every week.

The embassy should have the right to check on the wellbeing of their nationals working in the domestic sector. The source said, “The contracting conditions stipulate that the employer should agree on the provision that allows representatives of the Philippines Embassy to visit their nationals in the domestic sector.

Permission will be sought in advance from the sponsor (employer) concerning the suitable time to visit. They should also agree on the provision as per which the embassy can summon the sponsor in case of any complaint between the two parties”.

This news has been read 34619 times!

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