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Phenomenon of drug addiction on rise among Defense, MoI security personnel

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 15: At a time when the security services have redoubled their efforts to combat the scourge of drug addiction, responsible security sources have warned of the phenomenon of drug addiction afflicting personnel from the ministries of Interior and Defense, which has increased during the recent period, reports Al-Qabas daily.

The sources revealed that the security authorities taken into custody about 12 soldiers a month ago for drug use, noting that those arrested were from various ranks and from all military institutions, including personnel from the Directorate- General of Fire Department.

Sources pointed out that last month four men from the Ministry of the Interior were referred to the General Department of Drugs Control for possessing drugs.

The sources stressed efforts are continuing to instill discipline in the military citing the great danger of some drug gangs exploiting them to commit criminal acts.

The sources demanded urgent action by officials to implement the law that compels the military to conduct periodic examination noting that this law has been shelved and it can only be enforced in the narrowest limits.

The source revealed that the regular examination of the military men is applied only by the Ministry of Defense, while other military institutions neglect it for unknown reasons.

The sources pointed out that the Ministry of Defense, since the application of this law, drug use among the military men has signifi- cantly decreased. The sources referred to a highranking officer working in a sensitive security apparatus who is accused of drug abuse, which gives a dangerous indication of the possibility of divulging secrets or assisting suspicious elements in carrying out their plans.

The sources criticized the indolence in fighting this dangerous scourge that is spreading in the military institutions, which constitutes a great danger, especially in light of the regional conditions surrounding us.

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