Tuesday , September 26 2023

‘People from a single nation should not exceed 25 percent of Kuwaitis’

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Bid to protect Kuwaiti identity

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 19: The Parliamentary Committee on Legislation has forwarded its report concerning addition of a new clause to the Public Authority for Manpower Law, which stipulates laying down the necessary policy to amend the maximum proportion of expatriates in the population of Kuwait to 50 percent, indicating people from a single country should not exceed 25 percent of Kuwaitis, reports Al-Shahed daily.

The committee, after a series of meetings held to discuss the draft law intended for rectifying the current population imbalance in the country, said the policy should be presented, implemented and concluded within a period of seven years.

The clause will specify the proportion of expatriate workers from a single country in order to protect the Kuwaiti identity and prevent adverse effects of imbalance population structure on the security, economic and political situation of the country. The committee believes the idea of coming out with the clause is noble but fraught with suspicious contravention of the constitutional provisions, and thereby expressed some observations

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