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Tuesday , January 31 2023

People, air, water, soil at risk in Kuwait – 9 landfills major threat

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KUWAIT CITY, Oct 15: The Environment Public Authority (EPA) has warned about the danger posed by toxic gases from nine landfills to water and soil, reports Al-Qabas daily. The daily obtained a copy of EPA’s report, in which it called for remedial and protective measures to address the potential risks posed by 10 other landfills in the country; such as treatment, monitoring, restriction of use and further investigation.

The authority pointed out these landfills pose great danger to air, water and soil; indicating five of these landfills affect the population significantly. The authority stressed the importance of monitoring landfills in the event of medium or high risks; asserting this includes monitoring groundwater quality and emissions. It pointed out the impact of emissions from landfills in Jahra, Seventh Ring Road, Mina Abdullah and Amghara on air, water, soil and the population.

It added the impact of emissions from landfills in Al-Qurain, Amghara, Sabhan, Al- Askari, Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh, Shuaiba and Kabd on the air is moderate; in addition to the slight danger posed by the landfills in Yarmouk , Darkal Kabd, construction and demolition waste dumpsites in the southern part of the Seventh Ring Road and Rahiya. The report revealed ‘high risk’ for water and soil in nine landfills — Jahra, southern part of the Seventh Ring Road, Mina Abdullah, Qurain, Amghara, Sabhan, Al- Askari, Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh and Shuaiba industrial waste treatment; indicating the soil is contaminated with mercury.

It warned that the gases emitted by landfills can affect the atmosphere and air in the region; in addition to the impact on water through the leakage of waste into groundwater that seeps into the soil below the landfill and above the ground, asserting the running water in the landfill could pollute rain water, soil and plants around the landfill.

As for the impact on the population; the report indicated that it affects nearby residential areas, as well as workers in the landfill considering toxic gases, dust, odor and microorganisms could cause diseases and spread of pests. The report disclosed that 4,701 tons of non-domestic waste materials are dumped into landfills annually, including 154.6 tons of hazardous industrial waste from seven commercial activities — chemicals, machinery, equipment, metal products, oil industry, dry industrial wastewater and nonmetallic minerals.

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