Peaceful Patriotism – Kuwait Ditches Foam and Water Balloons for the First Time

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KUWAIT CITY, Feb 26:  “May Kuwait’s Spirit Soar: Celebrating National Unity and Sacrifice” Amidst chants of patriotism and songs echoing through the air, Kuwaitis fervently marked their national holidays, embodying a profound love for their homeland and commemorating the historic milestones of independence and liberation. In a heartfelt display of solidarity, individuals and groups across the country rejoiced, underscoring the enduring values of unity, loyalty, and remembrance of the sacrifices made by martyrs.

Reflecting on this year’s celebrations, citizens highlighted a notable absence of disruptive elements like water balloons and water guns, which marred previous festivities, causing accidents and disturbances. Hussein Al-Farhan expressed gratitude for the peaceful atmosphere, emphasizing prayers for Kuwait’s continued security. Bu Muhammad echoed these sentiments, noting the absence of disruptive activities, which had previously detracted from the joyous occasion.

Citizens from various walks of life gathered to partake in the festivities, with Hamdan Al-Husseini emphasizing the overwhelming joy experienced by families during national holidays. Amidst the revelry, sentiments of remembrance for fallen heroes were palpable, as Umm Muhammad prayed for the souls of martyrs and advocated for honoring their memory by naming main streets after them. Abeer Al-Azmi traveled from Al-Ahmadi Governorate to join the celebrations, underscoring the importance of commemorating Kuwait’s martyrs, while Ali Al-Thuwaini emphasized the significance of Liberation Day and its reminder of Kuwait’s resilience in the face of adversity.

As Kuwaitis embraced the spirit of unity and remembrance, the absence of negative phenomena, such as water balloon throwing, was lauded as a positive development by citizens like Yacoub Al-Sayer. For many, including Abdullah Al-Kandari, the prevention of such disturbances enabled a broader participation in national festivities, fostering a sense of community and collective pride. As children like Muhammad Al-Dhafiri and Abdul Aziz Abdullah reveled in the celebratory atmosphere, their joy was a testament to the enduring spirit of Kuwait’s national holidays, cherished and celebrated with fervor each February.

by Najeh Bilal

Al Seyassah / Arab Times Staff

This news has been read 3065 times!

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