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Thursday , March 23 2023

Patient lost eyesight, two doctors sentenced to one year imprisonment

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KUWAIT CITY, July 28: The Misdemeanors Department of the court, headed by Judge Bashayer Abdel-Jalil, sentenced two doctors to one year suspended sentence for their involvement in committing a medical error that caused a patient to lose his eyesight.

The two doctors mistakenly and not intentionally used a gel which is used to clean teeth instead of eye gel. The doctors were confused as both products were from the same company. The client started to have irritation in the eyes which damaged his eye sight and as a result left physical and psychological effects. More than once marriage proposals were rejected due to damaged eye. Lawyer Mulla Youssef stated that after this ruling, he will file a civil suit to demand large compensation for his client due to damage inflicted on his client.

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