‘Pathaan’: Bollywood is back and how!

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Its an amazing feeling to leave a cinema with a sense of euphoria, excitement and nostalgia. Seeing some of your favourite Bollywood stars on celluloid accompanied by an interactive audience who whistle and applause when the the “hero” appears, or sing-a long to a Bollywood dance number is totally an Indian movie experience. It is totally unique and very uplifting to be honest. No other movie experience is as distinctive as a Bollywood experience. Over the years, since my youth,I have witnessed the audience interaction many a time at cinemas in India, Kuwait and as far as the UK. What amazes even more in Kuwait is not only do Bollywood stars have a huge following among the Indian community but among the Kuwaitis too!

(left) Adeeb Shuhaiber (right) Indian actor Shah Rukh Khan in a scene from his latest fi lm ‘Pathaan.’

Today I got the chance to encounter this once again with no other than everybody’s super hero and Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan along with an impressive cast and a very sensual looking Deepika Padukone. The icing on the cake was of course the outstanding action packed and slightly comical cameo of none other than one of my favourites Salman Khan (fondly known to us fans as Bhai). As I waited to enter the cinema hall, I heard the endless chatter and mention of Shah Rukh Khan as the main draw to this latest Bollywood blockbuster.

By know you must know that I am referring to the latest Bollywood blockbuster “Pathaan” also screening in IMAX format. The movie is a globetrotting spy thriller (filmed in India, Dubai, Russia and France) with the hero playing a RAW government agent on a patriotic mission to stop an act of terrorism on Indian soil. In the cast are talented actors like John Abraham, the evergreen Dimple Kapadia and Ashutosh Rana who make this spectacle even more watchable and totally entertaining.

The film itself, to be honest, is nothing short of an event as a chiseled Shah Rukh Khan returns to the big screen after a four-year hiatus. It expands on Yash Raj films Spy Universe which started with Salman Khan’s outstanding Tiger (a third instalment is due soon). In brief the film follows India’s revocation of article 370 of the constitution on the special status of Jammu and Kashmir and the effect it has on a Pakistani Intelligence officer who vows to take revenge on India for this impactful move. In comes the hero Shah Rukh khan on his patriotic mission.

The story, while not terribly different, does go through twists and turns and in the second half is frankly unexpected as you see what the villain actually had in store as a revenge act on India. The director Siddharth Anand ones again shines as an action packed “masala” director following “Bang Bang” and more recently “War”. Need I say this film had a much stronger cast and makes a lasting impact. What adds to ”Pathaan” is the amazing chemistry with the heroine Deepika Padukone and the action and comical scenes between Shah Rukh and Salman as towards the end the take the Mickey out of each other and their age. Furthermore, the outstanding action sequences and CGI can make any other film industry take notice. It was thoroughly impressive and non-stop through out a large part of the movie. Some of the background music is really impressive especially when accompanied by the typical Bollywood hero’s entry in slow motion.

The song sequences are obviously Bollywood style spectacular(frankly nobody does it better). “Pathaan” is a pure what is known as Masala entertainer. In India they refer to it as Paisa Vasool (loosely translates as money back guarantee). Clearly the advance tickets sales for the movie set a new record in India even beating some of the recent blockbusters like RRR.

The film has had the biggest release of any Bollywood movie. It is releasing in over 100 countries and in over 2500 overseas screens. There has been so much talk of late of Bollywood needing a big blockbuster to make a comeback. To be honest for me Bollywood had never gone anywhere and will always be unique, totally entertaining and irreplacable. For all those naysayers Bollywood is back with a bang! In conclusion I would like to simply add… Don’t miss Pahtaan! Paisa vasool guaranteed! By Adeeb Shuhaiber

This news has been read 11023 times!

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