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Monday , September 27 2021

Parliament to allocate 2 hours to discuss ‘Airbus bribery’ file

Name of Lebanese mediator appears’

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 18: As the National Assembly (Wednesday) prepares to allocate two hours to discuss the issue of aircraft deals, it appears the issue has taken a new turn, after the name of the Lebanese mediator was mentioned in the ‘Airbus bribery’ file, after MP Al-Hamed Al- Subaie, revealed he has documents in his possession in this regard, if true, the equation could change the course of investigation, reports Al-Qabas daily.

Al-Subaie told the daily he has obtained the case papers related to the mediator, identified only as F.A.N., and his dealings with Airbus, and that what has been revealed until now is just the tip of an iceberg. “We will move to achieve justice and reveal the names of all who are involved in the bribe irrespective of their ages.”

He added, “We countered the suspicious deal of the Caracal Airbus choppers, and after the announcement of the interrogation of the minister of defense, we stopped the deal, and the Ministry of Defense confirmed in its statement the suspension of receiving the planes based on our observations, and we will continue to uncover all the leads of the case.”

Al-Subaie stressed public money is a red line, and the threads of the case point to “big heads and organized corruption that cannot be tolerated.” It is noteworthy to mention that the Al-Qabas had said in its news report that that a member from the ruling family and the son of a former minister is involved in the case and that he has special relations with the Lebanese mediator.

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