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Thursday , February 2 2023

Parents ‘failing’ to see names of their children express bitterness

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Admissions official has nothing to say

KUWAIT CITY, June 24: Through the follow-up of the ‘news’ of the registration processes in private universities after the announcement of the names of the internal scholarships, a large number of parents expressed their resentment because the names of their sons and daughters are not included in the list despite receiving the required rates in some universities, while others are accepted though their rates are lower rates. The number of those deprived of internal scholarship was estimated to be 580, reports Al-Anba daily.

The university officials in charge of admissions found nothing to say to them except to review the council of private universities and appeal to them. The protesting students also called on the Ministry of Higher Education to mention the rate of each accepted student alongside his name to achieve transparency, justice and equality.

When the daily tried to contact a number of universities, officials confirmed there have been protests and described the reasons for exclusion as ‘unknown’, which for the first time is taking place on this large scale.

A few days ago, a source familiar with the ministry, told the daily that the number of the accepted to internal scholarship has reached about 3,600 students before the last two days before close the door of registration while only 3,294 were accepted according to the published list.

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