Paralyzed Patient Controls Computer with Mind

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The first patient with Elon Musk’s Neuralink brain chip, Noland Arbaugh, praises his experience, calling it “amazing” and “rewarding.” Four months ago, the 30-year-old, paralyzed from the neck down, underwent surgery allowing him to control computers with his mind. Despite technical challenges, such as 85% of the chip’s connections coming loose, Arbaugh remains enthusiastic.

Arbaugh’s story reveals issues with the brain’s natural movements causing electrode displacement, potentially exacerbated by trapped air during surgery. Despite these setbacks, Neuralink plans deeper brain implants for future patients, approved by the FDA.

Neuralink’s system involves a chip connected to flexible threads stitched into the brain by a robotic procedure that takes 30 minutes. However, challenges persist, including the brain’s immune response forming scar tissue around implants.

Arbaugh, previously reliant on Apple’s Siri for communication, broke a world record controlling a computer cursor with Neuralink. Although the chip’s connectivity issues have been disappointing, Arbaugh remains hopeful and proud of his role in advancing medical technology. He envisions future applications helping others regain lost abilities and eventually enhancing human capabilities without losing our humanity.

This news has been read 654 times!

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