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Tuesday , December 7 2021

Panel to reconsider its decision regarding project of dividing Messila Palace property

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 16: The technical committee of the Municipal Council, during its previous meeting, had decided to keep in its agenda the request presented by Kuwait Municipality to amend the decision of the temporary committee tasked with following up the project of dividing Messila Palace property.

However, the technical committee, in its meeting tomorrow, will reconsider its decision due to a mistake in the scheme as stated in the submitted request, reports Al-Rai daily.

According to an official source of the municipality, the property to be divided is located along the coastal strip in block 6 and includes several plots. A decision was issued previously by the temporary committee to approve the amendment of the Municipal Council’s decision regarding the division of the property, which was preceded by a decision that approved the real estate division project and its annexes, the distribution of vouchers and facilities for the relevant project.

He said, “The technical opinion of Kuwait Municipality is that it approves the request for amendment”, highlighting the classification of Messila area located along the coastal strip as a private housing area, due to which the process of dividing the property in that area may automatically convert it into a different investment and commercial housing.

The source stressed the need for the technical committee to consider the technical aspects before agreeing to the amendment, and stipulate in its approval that the property is to be kept as a private residence, as well as reject any decision contrary to that. He said there are some who are trying to take advantage of the issue and convert those properties into investment housing and commercial real estate, especially since various projects have been built along the coastline.

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