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Tuesday , September 21 2021

Panel to map return to normalcy; Review of 8.00 pm closures

KUWAIT CITY, July 25: Amid a noticeable decrease in the number of COVID-19 cases in the last two days, coinciding with the extensive vaccination campaigns being carried out in the country, informed sources from the health sector revealed that the official procedures adopted by various countries in terms of the entry of their citizens, especially with regard to obtaining two doses of vaccination, will place dual nationals in Kuwait and others in a difficult position.

They said dual nationals will not be able to obtain two doses in two countries due to the serious health consequences, and it will prevent them from being able to travel or benefitting from the facilities provided to those who are vaccinated. In the same context, the sources revealed that the Ministry of Health has notified the Health Care Department to open 81 clinics and centers for vaccinating citizens and residents.

They held the Ministry of Health responsible for the delay in administering the vaccines and for the high rate of COVID-19 infections and deaths in the last period, especially since Kuwait provided all material and other capabilities from the beginning of the pandemic. The sources stressed that the lack of experience, hesitation, fear of responsibility, and justification for the lack of vaccines approved by the Ministry of Health have led to this situation.

They called for holding the Minister of Health and the officials of his ministry accountable and fully responsible, especially since they advised against the Chinese and Russian vaccines, even though they are approved by the World Health Organization and used by neighboring countries, in addition to other vaccines to vaccinate three million residents. Furthermore, the sources revealed that the ministerial committee for COVID-19 emergencies will hold a meeting on Sunday to discuss a number of recommendations to be submitted to the Council of Ministers.

They explained that the most prominent among the recommendations are related to return to normal life, and securing the requirements to complete the vaccination campaign of about 70 percent of citizens and residents in the country in order to achieve community immunity by September.

This depends on the good demand for vaccination and the availability of vaccines. Less than 50 percent of the population is the proportion of those who have received two doses so far, and this is likely to rise. The committee will discuss the recommendations to reduce the hours of closure, and allow the continuation of work in commercial complexes and some economic activities until 10:00 pm instead of 8:00 pm, as well as increasing the number of employees in the government agencies, and expanding operations at the Kuwait International Airport.

The sources stated that the “Mosafer” app will be discussed especially considering the increased criticism of this app, and the differing views regarding it even from within the Directorate General for Civil Aviation. Some in the department are demanding to stop forcing citizens to use it, and instead only submit a certificate proving the receipt of two doses of vaccination, and obtain a PCR certificate before entering the country. They explained that the intention is to cancel some platforms that were unnecessary during the crisis and were imposing financial burdens on citizens without providing any services, foremost of which is the “Mosafer” platform, and the safety platform for the domestic worker’s quarantine for 14 days at the expense of the sponsors. In addition, it is expected that amendments will be issued to some previous health decisions. Meanwhile, MP Abdullah Al-Mudhaf questioned the feasibility behind obligating citizens to use the Kuwait “Mosafer” app.

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