New ‘part-time work permit’ service launched through ‘Sahel’ App

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KUWAIT CITY, Feb 1: The Public Authority for Manpower has introduced a new “Part-time Work Permit” service through the “Sahel” application aimed at enhancing the labor market, simplifying procedures for business owners, and leveraging the existing workforce in Kuwait to address demographic imbalances. The announcement by the “Manpower Forces” specified that the national worker is exempt from conditions and fees associated with the part-time work permit.

To obtain a part-time work permit, employees must secure approval from their employer, and working hours should not exceed 4 hours, except for the contracting sector. The fees for the part-time work permit are set at 5 Dinars per month, 10 Dinars for 3 months, 20 Dinars for 6 months, and 30 Dinars for the entire year. The Authority emphasized that the introduction of this service without conditions aims to support national employment. Registration for the permit is contingent upon the approval of the original employer, with adherence to legal provisions preventing practices harmful to competition.

This news has been read 3883 times!

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