‘Pakistan, Kuwait relations on upturn’

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Pakistan Ambassador to Kuwait Malik Muhammad Farooq

KUWAIT CITY, March 11: The Ambassador of Pakistan to Kuwait Malik Muhammad Farooq says the relationship between Kuwait and Pakistan is distinguished and is witnessing a new phase under the leadership of the two countries In a press statement issued on the sidelines of a dinner party he held in honor of Pakistani Quran reciter Syed Sadaqat Ali, the ambassador affirmed that there will be fruitful cooperation in the future in several sectors. He said, “We held discussions with the Kuwait Investment Authority to expand its investments in our country. We welcome the private sector, as Pakistan is a large and promising market”. The ambassador highlighted the importance of cooperation with Kuwait in the field of food security, considering it a very important sector. He stressed that there are several companies interested in this aspect, in addition to interest in other sectors such as renewable energy.

Ambassador Farooq referred to the visit of the Prime Minister of Pakistan to Kuwait, which resulted in the signing of seven agreements in several fields, most of which are related to food security and the provision of agricultural materials, as well as in the field of electricity and solar energy. He indicated that his country has established a special council for investment promotion and provision of facilities to investors, adding that his country seeks to enhance investments in five areas, including food security, energy, and information technology. Concerning the visa problems and the continued placement of Pakistan on the blacklist even after visas were opened to other nationalities, Ambassador Farooq said, “We aspire to support and promote Pakistan as a country friendly to Kuwait.

We are talking with the Kuwaiti side in this regard. We believe that His Highness the Amir Sheikh Mishaal Al-Ahmad is a great supporter and encourager of our country. I am sure you will notice positive changes shortly.” He went on to say, “We have an elected government in which two major parties with sufficient experience participate, especially in the economic field. It focuses on reforming the economy in the current stage, attracting investments, and providing facilities to investors. It also seeks to provide security and a wise policy for the investor.” Regarding the export of Pakistani meat to Kuwait, the ambassador said, “We had good discussions with the livestock company in this regard, and they are also interested in live animals. However, this matter is subject to special measures and conditions.

From our discussions with the company, we noticed their interest in supplying live livestock, especially since we are a Muslim country. Perhaps we will witness the presence of live Pakistani livestock in Kuwait during the blessed Eid Al-Adha.” About military relations, the Pakistani ambassador said, “After signing the defense cooperation agreements between the two countries, things began to move very well”. Referring to visits to military and defense committees from both sides, he indicated that cooperation is based on the training aspect and providing the Kuwaiti army with official uniforms, adding that his country’s army is characterized by high professionalism. Ambassador Farooq revealed an offer his country made to Kuwait to acquire Pakistani “GF Thunder” fighters, which are good fighter jets. He highlighted the mega deal concluded between Pakistan and Iraq recently in this field, as well as its acquisition by some Gulf countries such as the United Arab Emirates and Qatar, in addition to African countries and some countries from East Asia.

Meanwhile, the Pakistani Quran reciter Syed Sadaqat Ali expressed his happiness for his visit to Kuwait. In a statement to reporters during the dinner party held by the Pakistan Embassy in his honor, he said he supervised the training of thousands of learners in the field of reciting the Quran, revealing that he currently runs centers specialized in the Qur’an and its sciences in several countries around the world. Ali explained that he was born in 1950, and visited Kuwait for the first time in 1965. He worked here as a teacher and visited it several times later. He has been associated with the Qur’an since his childhood and began memorizing it from the age of ten. He had participated in many international forums and competitions in which he obtained first place.

By Fares Al-Abdan
Al-Seyassah/Arab Times Staff

This news has been read 954 times!

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