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Paid sick leave during probation period

I want to check if the employee can avail a paid sick leave during his probation period of 100 days or this should be considered as unpaid leave, based on Kuwait labour law.

Name withheld

Answer: Taking a sick leave does not lie in the hands of the employee as wrongly believed by many workers. It is only a qualified medical doctor who can make that determination and the number of days involved. With this background information, if in the course of your probation and you fall sick, you will be paid for the number of days you are absent if okayed by a doctor. We must however point out that the payments will be made on different rates based on the number of days you are out of duty but sanctioned by the doctor. We must also add that if you are on probation and you are off duty for a long spell of time, we are afraid you will be putting yourself at risk of not being confirmed for the job you have applied for.

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