PAI to establish first industrial zone in Kuwait to recycle industrial waste

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KUWAIT CITY, April 26: The industrial sector is close to establishing the first industrial zone in Kuwait specialized in the recycling of industrial waste and it has been reported that the Public Authority for Industry is in the final stages of selecting a company that will provide consulting services for the study and design work, preparing tender documents, and supervising the implementation of a project to establish, operate and maintain the infrastructure and basic recycling industries in the Shagaya area south of Al-Salmi Road in the north of the country, reports Al- Qabas daily. Informed sources said PAI is seeking to design a smart infrastructure for the region that meets the specifications of sustainability that keep pace with the most important global technological developments in the recycling sector.

Blueprint of the project

The same sources indicated that the project will be built on 2 square kilometers area and is expected to contain 215 plots that will be allocated to factories to recycle industrial and other waste such as tires, plastics, wood, construction materials, metals, and the recycling of oils of all kinds, and other materials that can be recycled and benefit from this sector and explained the Al-Shagaya area currently contains a number of “temporary” factories for recycling used and damaged vehicles tires.

With regard to the current status of the project, the sources indicated that the authority has prepared a concept for the plan for the location of the two projects and the distribution of the basic components of the project (industrial plots, services and necessary facilities) with the approval of the cadastral plan by the Kuwait Municipality.

The sources indicated that the consulting company which will be awarded the consulting contract will be tasked with reviewing, studying and developing the perceptions put in place by the Public Authority for Industry for the project to comply with the requirements, references and laws of government agencies. Regarding the obstacles facing the speedy implementation of the project, the sources pointed out that there are some obstacles that are expected to be dealt with soon, including the presence of damaged and stacked tires at the project site, as the authority is currently working to deal with and remove them in coordination with the Environment Public Authority, in addition to the road leading to the project site in the Shagaya area is still not paved with asphalt, and there are plot that were temporarily delivered for the purpose of storing tires for the benefit of a number of investors, and they will be dealt with soon in accordance with the legal frameworks for the benefit of all parties, whether the industry or the investors.

The sources added that the investors who were given temporary plots of land by the Industry Authority for tire recycling will retain their right to distribute industrial vouchers in the Shagaya area, and their contracts will be converted from temporary to traditional and sustainable contracts. With regard to the duration of the project implementation and the requirements of the consulting contract to be signed soon, the sources said that the contract extends to 1395 days, or approximately 4 years, in which the consulting company is committed to completing the study, design and supervision of the implementation of the contracted project, and starts work from the date mentioned in the order.

The term of the contract includes the following:
1- Duration of completion of the study and design work is (665 days) starting from the date of issuance of the work commencement order, which must be issued within 30 days from the date of signing the contract.
2- The completion period, including the infrastructure is (730 days) starting from the date of notifying the consultant of the commencement of the project implementation works.

This news has been read 6940 times!

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