Overweight people at major risk of getting infected with corona

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Go for brisk walking, follow healthy diet

KUWAIT CITY, March 31: While many citizens and expatriates are taking advantage of the curfew and home quarantine to overindulge in food, a British study raised the alarm on the risk of obesity, revealing that twothirds of patients who get infected with coronavirus are obese and 63 percent of patients in intensive care units are overweight or obese, reports Al-Rai daily. Many citizens confirmed in separate conversations with the daily that preparing meals and eating too much are the only ways to kill boredom and daily routine in light of the crisis.

They said many of them gained weight significantly due to the restriction, lack of movement and disturbed sleeping hours. The daily discussed with experts the problem and solutions to reduce the rate of obesity in the society after it was found that it is the major cause of many chronic diseases. Dr Sulaiman Al-Mazidi, a general surgery specialist in obesity and colon, revealed studies have shown that obesity negatively affects the lymphatic system which is responsible for the body’s immunity. This is in addition to blockage of the trachea during sleep by 45 percent if it is excessive and many breathing problems as well.

This may expose those affected to be at higher risk of acquiring diseases and viruses, he warned. Al-Mazidi pointed out that sudden and significant weight loss may also lead to major health risks; calling on everyone to replace unhealthy meals with balanced meals containing protein, carbohydrates and few fats.

He called for commitment to taking nutritional supplements and vitamins to ensure a healthy and balanced life. On the other hand, Professor of Psychology at Kuwait University Dr Khader Al-Baroun emphasized that obesity is due to negative repercussions on the psyche of the affected person. He attributed this to exposure to bullying in a society that sanctifies agility, beauty and external appearance, which may expose the victim to violence towards his partner or his children. Sometimes, the affected person resorts to “lightness of blood” to be accepted by society without considering its form, he added.

Al-Baroun believes that conditions in the country lead to a feeling of anxiety, which may cause the appetite to be opened. This is in addition to the fact that people are afraid because of rumors which cause panic and fear. Their tendency to be angry increases with overeating, indicating their fear is about the disease that transmits from one person to another and reduces human immunity, which may increase the possibility of being infected with the dreaded virus, he explained.

He added the void also leads to excessive eating and disruption in the number of hours of sleep, which reduces the rate of fat burning due to lack of movement. This increases the size of a person’s body mass and may lead to depression as a result of feeling deprived of liberty, while disturbing selfconfidence, he said.

Al-Baroun called on the people to go for brisk walking to avoid negative thinking and follow a healthy diet that contributes to improving the psyche, while practicing group activities that entail participation of all family members. This is in addition to inviting children to join their mothers in cooking to stimulate their intellectual and physical activity

This news has been read 22241 times!

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