Over 75% Of Expat Health Workers In Kuwait Face Violence and Abuse

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KUWAIT CITY, June 10: A recent study has confirmed that healthcare workers, particularly those in primary healthcare centers, experience significantly higher rates of violence compared to workers in other fields. The findings reveal alarming statistics about the prevalence of verbal and physical abuse faced by dispensary staff, including doctors and nurses.

The following are the key findings: Overall Exposure to Violence

  • 85.9% of dispensary staff, totaling 383 individuals, have experienced some form of violence; 77.3% have been subjected to physical violence; 48.8% have faced psychological violence; 20.3% have encountered verbal assault; 15% have been bullied; 1.9% have experienced sexual harassment and 6.4% have been targets of racism. Expatriate Workers
  • 76.7% of expatriate doctors and nurses, totaling 294 individuals, have reported experiencing violence Gender and Occupational Differences
  • Women are more frequently subjected to all types of violence than men in primary health care centers; Nurses face higher rates of violent practices compared to doctors and this trend is consistent in countries such as Kuwait, Serbia, Greece, and Saudi Arabia.

Dr. Hoda Al-Ghareeb, a contributor to the study, emphasized the severe impact of such violence on healthcare personnel. The study warns of the critical need to address and mitigate the high rates of violence against healthcare workers, stressing that those in primary healthcare settings are at a substantially greater risk of verbal and physical abuse than professionals in other fields. The findings underscore the urgent need for policies and measures to protect healthcare workers from violence and ensure a safer working environment.

The study highlights the importance of addressing this issue to safeguard the well-being of those dedicated to providing essential health services. A study conducted by Dr. Hoda Al- Gharib, a family medicine consultant at the Ministry of Health, highlights the prevalence of violence in primary healthcare environments and its detrimental effects on work efficiency, employee health, societal behaviors, healthcare costs, and job satisfaction. This study underscores the critical need to address and mitigate violence in healthcare settings, particularly in primary healthcare centers, to ensure a safe and healthy environment for both healthcare providers and patients.

By Marwa Al-Bahrawi
Al-Seyassah/Arab Times Staff

This news has been read 5203 times!

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