Over 13,000 Bottles of Alcohol Intercepted

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KUWAIT CITY, Feb 7: The security authorities successfully intercepted a significant shipment at the port of Shuwaikh, seizing a staggering 13,422 bottles of alcohol concealed within the cargo. This marks the largest confiscation of imported alcohol this year, valued at over one million Kuwaiti dinars.

The operation was meticulously overseen by key figures including Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Defense, and Acting Minister of the Interior, Sheikh Fahd Al-Yousef, alongside the Acting Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior, Lieutenant General Sheikh Salem Al-Nawaf, and other senior officials such as Major General Hamid Al-Dawas and Brigadier General Muhammad Qabazard. Their collaboration with the General Administration of Customs was pivotal in executing the seizure.

Acting on intelligence regarding an attempt to smuggle a substantial quantity of liquor disguised as furniture from an Asian country, authorities swiftly coordinated with customs officials to intercept the suspect container at Shuwaikh Port. A joint task force comprising the criminal security sector and port authorities meticulously investigated the matter, ultimately discovering the concealed alcohol within the commercial shipment. Subsequent investigations revealed the involvement of three individuals in the smuggling operation. The suspects and the seized contraband were promptly handed over to the appropriate authorities for further legal action.

Sheikh Fahd Al-Yousef and Lieutenant General Sheikh Salem Al-Nawaf commended the dedicated efforts of the security personnel and customs officials in thwarting attempts to smuggle and distribute alcohol within the community. They emphasized the importance of vigilance and firm action against smugglers and promoters of illicit substances, underscoring the commitment of security forces to safeguarding societal well-being.

This news has been read 5763 times!

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