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‘Over 10% youngsters prone to get corona virus’

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 17: Chief Research Officer at Dasman Diabetes Institute, Professor Fahad Al-Mulla, revealed that results of the new research the Institute participated in, showed that more than 10 percent of young people and individuals are without chronic health problems but still suffer severe COVID-19 virus, because the antibodies do not attack the virus but rather attack the person’s own immune system.

The results were published in the prestigious American Science Journal with an impact factor of 41.8, reports Al-Qabas daily. In a recent statement, Al-Mulla said the results showed that 3.5 percent of patients carry a certain type of genetic mutation, which negatively affect the body’s ability to attack this virus, indicating the results showed that the patients lack type one interferon.

This is a group of 17 important proteins that protect the cells and body from viruses. He explained that whether the proteins are inactivate due to the so-called automatic antibodies or insufficient quantities due to a mutation of the responsible gene, there’s evidence that their ineffectiveness or presence is a common factor in COVID-19 patients who are severely ill.

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