Optimizing the Civil Card Issuance Process in Kuwait

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Understanding the 5 Dinar Fee for Kuwait Civil ID Cards

The issuance of civil cards in Kuwait has faced recent challenges, with delays affecting thousands of Kuwaitis and expats. However, the Deputy Director General for Civil Registration Affairs, Jaber Al-Kandari, provided some key insights into this matter. Here are the main points:

  • To expedite the processing of card applications submitted after May 23, the Public Authority for Civil Information ceased the issuance of cards submitted before that date. This was done to address the issue of many individuals not receiving their civil cards because they had not been issued.
  • Individuals who had paid the 5 dinars fee for a civil card that was not issued will have the fee credited to their account with the Authority. This means that the fee remains available for use if a card is not issued, so individuals do not need to pay the fee again if they submit a new card application.
  • Individuals who previously paid the fee of 5 dinars for card issuance but did not receive their cards will be exempt from paying the fee when renewing their residency or updating their information. In such cases, the civil card will be issued free of charge.
  • Al-Kandari emphasized the importance of promptly collecting issued cards to prevent them from accumulating in the processing machines. This accumulation can cause delays in the issuance of new cards, especially considering the current regular issuance schedule.
  • The card issuance process has improved, with most cards now being issued within 24 to 48 hours in the majority of cases. This development has eased the burden on those waiting for their civil cards.

Overall, the Public Authority for Civil Information is taking steps to address the challenges faced in the issuance of civil cards in Kuwait, and individuals who have paid fees for cards that were not issued will not have to pay again when submitting new applications or renewing their residency.

This news has been read 20753 times!

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