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Thursday , October 28 2021

Open job prospects for Kuwaiti youth

Tariq Al-Fares

KUWAIT CITY, June 3: Tariq Al-Fares, deputy head of the EQUATE Petrochemical Company’s Workers’ Union, has called on the government and the National Assembly to put in place specific mechanisms to attract national talent and open employment prospects for them according to a timetable to end the unemployment crisis among the Kuwaiti youth, reports Al-Anba daily. Al-Fares said, in a press statement, there are more than 1,000 Kuwaiti engineers who are waiting to be employed and more than 2,000 specialized technical diploma holder Kuwaitis who have no job. He called the unemployment ‘serious’ and rings an alarm bell for the society.

Al-Fares envisioned a number of solutions to truly end the unemployment problem and called on all those who are concerned with this issue to do all in the power to end this problem facing the state. He called on the state to develop a recruitment plan according to a specific time frame with goals and results; make a comprehensive study of the desired specializations that can take over the job tasks as soon as possible, so that their specializations are in line with the field of work directly. This is in addition to setting up training schedules to transfer expertise from foreign workers (experience) to national workforce, and setting a specific time period for that and also opening job vacancies on specific dates of the year and announcing the number and estimating the annual need in exchange for resignations, retirement and termination of services.

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