Online tests proposed for professional employment in recruitment overhaul

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Alignment of professions with work fields emphasized

The Public Authority of Manpower building.

KUWAIT CITY, May 9: In confirmation of recent reports by Al-Jarida, the committee overseeing labor market regulations, consisting of governmental and private entities including the Public Authority for Manpower, the Ministries of the Interior and Higher Education, the University of Kuwait, and professional associations, is nearing completion in devising strategies for recruiting foreign workers in technical fields.

The primary goal behind these efforts is to streamline procedures for business owners and private companies, ensuring a smooth operational environment while curbing illicit residency practices. Engineer Faisal Al-Attal, Chairman of the Society of Engineers, disclosed that the association, a participant in the committee, has proposed a novel approach to enhance the recruitment process.

Under this proposal, prospective professionals would undergo online proficiency tests before being granted work permits, in addition to the scrutiny of academic credentials and relevant work experience. Al-Attal highlighted the association’s initiative to compile a comprehensive database, including accredited engineers categorized by specialization, education institution, and professional experience.

Moreover, the association emphasized the necessity of aligning the profession with the field of work, citing distinctions between architectural engineering and architecture as examples. Al-Attal further underscored the commitment to cooperate with the Public Authority for Manpower in enhancing the recruitment system, particularly in digitizing data linkage to facilitate the process electronically.

In a bid to strengthen the role of professional associations in accrediting and recruiting workers, Al-Attal expressed satisfaction with recent discussions with the Manpower Forces. He reiterated the association’s dedication to supporting labor recruitment initiatives to meet market demands. Additionally, the association currently offers a service for verifying the academic qualifications and experiences of engineers seeking employment, emphasizing the importance of ensuring compatibility with job requirements before recruitment.

This move marks a significant step towards ensuring a transparent and efficient process for recruiting technical professionals, contributing to the development of a skilled workforce aligned with market needs.

This news has been read 885 times!

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