Online gambling Apps exploit teens, prompting calls for action

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Concerns surge over online casinos entrapping Kuwaiti teens in addiction and losses.

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 14: In a concerning trend, online gambling “casinos” are leveraging attractive sounds and graphics to ensnare teenagers, leading them into the perilous realm of addiction and financial losses.

Specialists in technology, Sharia, and law have sounded the alarm, cautioning against these electronic platforms offering various gambling games and virtual machines. Despite legal opinions revealing that these online casinos operate under licenses from external bodies beyond Kuwaiti government oversight, technical analyses highlight teenagers resorting to unblocking techniques to access these gambling platforms.

Beyond the financial risks associated with these games, concerns extend to the theft of banking information and potential legal accountability, as many countries criminalize this form of gaming.

To exacerbate the situation, these games’ services are available around the clock, increasing the chances of fraud and deception. Child protection organizations are urging the Communications and Information Technology Regulatory Authority and the Ministry of Commerce to take action.

Islamic jurisprudence firmly prohibits gambling, considering it a major sin that consumes people’s wealth unjustly. Despite this, the online platforms operate beyond the direct oversight of Kuwaiti authorities.

Experts argue that these digital applications, including gambling features, pose significant risks. The ease of access makes users vulnerable to addiction and financial losses, raising legal, privacy, security, and financial concerns.

The National Society for Child Protection is urging the Communications and Information Technology Commission to monitor and ban these applications. They emphasize the urgency of confronting this imminent danger through coordinated efforts from relevant institutions and civil society.

Parents are called upon to educate children about the dangers of electronic applications, while state institutions, including the Ministry of Commerce, are urged to take decisive action to ban these platforms and protect the younger generation from the perils of online gambling.

This news has been read 1419 times!

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