Onion chopping spat takes a tragic turn: Man claims self-defense in girlfriend’s death but police say it was murder

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Marcia Linsky and Charles Michael Calvert.

WASHINGTON, Feb 7, (Agencies): A man from Indiana, Charles Michael Calvert, was apprehended on murder charges, asserting that he killed his girlfriend, former magistrate Marcia Linksy, in self-defense during a dispute over onion chopping. The arrest was made in connection with Linksy’s death inside a Grabill home on a Saturday, as reported by the police.

Linksy, described as not only an excellent attorney but also a remarkable person by Allen County Chief Public Defender Bill LeBrato, met a tragic fate allegedly at the hands of Calvert. The 60-year-old stands accused of stabbing Linksy and manipulating the crime scene, potentially showering and cleaning up before alerting 911.

The probable cause affidavit details that Calvert made the 911 call around 8:30 p.m. on Feb. 3, claiming his girlfriend attacked him with a knife. He informed the dispatcher that Linksy was no longer alive, attributing her death to a knife altercation during an argument.

Upon the officers’ arrival, they discovered Linksy lying in the kitchen with injuries to her head and neck. The kitchen displayed signs of a struggle, including a broken crockpot, bloodied kitchen knives, and scattered food items.

Calvert’s account to the police suggested that the fatal dispute arose from an argument over onion chopping. He claimed Linksy confronted him for not chopping onions correctly, leading to a struggle with knives. Calvert asserted self-defense but admitted to being unclear about the details.

Further investigation revealed dried blood on Calvert’s hands. Authorities, however, found the crime scene suspicious, with knives seemingly staged next to the victim’s body. The larger serrated knife was covered in blood, while the other appeared relatively clean.

Currently held without bond at Allen County Jail, Calvert’s legal representation remains unclear. The unfolding investigation continues to shed light on the tragic circumstances surrounding Marcia Linksy’s untimely death.

This news has been read 533 times!

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