Olivia Rodrigo unveils the poetic magic behind her iconic songs

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Olivia Rodrigo

LOS ANGELES, Oct 5, (Agencies): Olivia Rodrigo recently delved into the art and philosophy of songwriting, shedding light on her creative process and revealing the influence of a poetry class she took at USC last year.

The acclaimed pop sensation engaged in an illuminating conversation with Linda Perry at the Grammy Museum, where she offered insights into her songwriting journey.

As reported by Variety, Rodrigo expressed, “Songwriting is an integral part of who I am. It’s how I process life. Without it, I don’t truly feel like myself.”

For Rodrigo, songwriting serves as a profound means of navigating her emotions and understanding the world around her. She explained, “It’s my channel to convey happiness, sadness, or anger.”

She spoke passionately about the unique power of crafting melodies, lyrics, and hooks, emphasizing how songwriting provides an outlet that daily life often lacks. “Songwriting has been a lifelong love of mine. It allows me to articulate the unspoken,” she shared, underscoring how it aids her in deciphering her feelings about the world.

Rodrigo also expressed her deep affection for poetry, attributing part of her growth as a songwriter to a poetry class she enrolled in at USC. The singer-songwriter revealed that her song “Lacy” originally began as a poem, an assignment from her poetry class that found its way into her musical repertoire

This news has been read 1551 times!

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