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Tuesday , October 26 2021

Old visa is not cancelled

Firstly, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for always giving me your expert advice regarding Kuwait laws and procedures. Your advice has helped me immensely.

My question to you this time is as follows. I am in very deep trouble regarding my visa cancellation.

In May 2016, I had cancelled my existing majra (factory) visa and returned to my home country as my company promised me to get me a new visa. But when they applied for a new visa my previous sponsor’s name was still showing in the system.

When I checked, I was informed by the company mandoub (representative) that my previous sponsor hadn’t cancelled the previous visa … that is the reason why it is still showing in the system.

I requested my Kuwaiti sponsor to cancel the visa by processing the documents but he is not doing it and just keeps telling me that he will do so after two days and this has been continuing for 4 months.

Is there any other way by which I can cancel my visa or any other option to get my visa cancelled. My company has given me 15 days ultimatum to complete the process.

Name withheld

Answer: You will not be issued a new work permit until the previous is cancelled and this can be done only by the company itself, through the company representative. Go to the company and talk to the company representative. It just takes a few minutes to get the work permit cancelled.

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