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‘Old’ Driving licenses could be pulled

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MoI to curb permits taken by fraud

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 14: The Ministry of Interior with one eye on the congestion on roads and the other on reckless driving and the increasing number of accidents has embarked on a new to cancel the old ‘valid’ driving licenses and replace them with the new documents to get rid of thousands of licenses which were allegedly acquired fraudulently, and those which no longer are being used for the purpose they were issued and those who have left the country and have not returned, reports Al-Rai daily. The daily quoting General Traffic Department sources said hundreds of thousands of licenses given to expatriates are likely to be cancelled and the GTD put the figure of these licenses at about 250,000.

The sources pointed out the committee in charge of implementing the project began its work at the beginning of this month and is expected to complete work within three months, which means the implementation of decision is expected to be enforced soon in light of the keenness of the Ministry of Interior to reduce congestion, get rid of reckless driving and minimize accidents.

The sources added the tripartite technical committee comprising members from the General Traffic Department, Information Systems and the Public Authority for Manpower will face various challenges in replacing the approximately 3 million licenses which have not yet been replaced with new ones. The sources explained replacing this large number requires first of all an army of employees to receive the visitors, as well as the material from which the ‘magnetic’ license card is made by a company which has a contract with the GTD.

The sources revealed the first stage includes all expatriates who hold old valid licenses and this process will lead to the cancellation of about 250,000 for several reasons mentioned above. The sources stressed the GTD in future will be very strict in granting licenses to expatriates to eliminate traffic congestion significantly.

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