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Oil sector is ‘miles’ away from Kuwaitization of jobs

KUWAIT CITY, March 27: The oil sector is still ‘miles’ far from the real activation of the employment programs for Kuwaitis, and the announcement that the percentage of Kuwaiti workers reaching 90% or more, and the sector’s direction to end the services of non-Kuwaitis, are mere illusions, as the Kuwaitization programs are circumvented, and non-Kuwaitis are appointed through external employment contracts, reports Al-Qabas daily quoting reliable sources.

The same sources told the daily, the Kuwait Foreign Exploration Company (KUFPEC) had concluded a special contract with a local company to provide specialized support workers, as it was found that the contract is open-ended and there is no specific date for its expiration. There is also no specific value or a higher ceiling. The contract specifies the salaries and bonuses given to employees and that they are promoted accurately, in addition to that approximately 5.9 million dinars were spent on the contract until the end of 2019.

The sources indicated the company did not abide by the articles of the contract related to providing economy class tickets for the hired workers but reserved for them business class tickets. The sources stated the employee of Arab nationality was promoted to the 18th grade, which is equivalent to the rank of a team leader, which must be held by Kuwaitis only, explaining that this grade has big advantages and incentives, as the salary exceeds 5,000 dinars, in addition to housing and car allowance and air tickets. The sources went on to say, the jobs for which non-Kuwaitis have been promoted are not considered rare specialties and can be filled by Kuwaitis who have specialized in oil sector jobs and are willing to serve their country. The sources say the concerned authority is insisting that all absurdities (contracts) in the oil sector must be ended immediately saying such contracts harm the national cadres and circumvent the police of replacement.

The sources pointed out, a majority of employment contracts in the oil sector are nothing but contracts to circumvent Kuwaitization programs. Through such contracts workers from various nationalities are hired under the pretext of rare specializations. The sources added, it is surprising that KUFPEC has hired ‘foreigners’ bypassing the national cadres. The sources have called on the supervisory authorities and MPs to intervene to stop the excesses and stop the hiring of non-Kuwaitis in the oil sector and to look into such contracts because there are a lot of discrepancies.

Sources said that the Kuwait Integrated Petroleum Industries Company (KIPIC) has appointed 10 non-Kuwaitis whose ages range between 67 and 78 years, in violation of the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) law. The sources pointed out 3 non-Kuwaiti engineers have been appointed on loan contracts under different designations, and they are at the top of their work in the company, with better financial advantages, despite the fact that the Kuwait Society of Engineers has refused to recognize their engineering certificates.

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