NSYNC’s Joey Fatone opens up about self-editing choices: Fat removal and hair plugs

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Joey Fatone.

LOS ANGELES, Nov 12, (Agencies): Joey Fatone is embracing a bit of self-editing, making subtle adjustments here and there, and the 46-year-old *NSYNC singer is refreshingly open about it.

In a candid revelation, Fatone shared details about undergoing a procedure to remove fat from his chin and stomach, along with opting for hair plugs. The My Big Fat Greek Wedding star clarified that his aim is not to undergo a drastic transformation or seek the elusive fountain of youth. Instead, he describes it as “a little bit” of editing because, in his own words, “who cares?”

Expressing his thoughts on the matter, Fatone remarked, “It’s crazy how many guys get work done. They don’t broadcast it because a lot of men are very shy or embarrassed about it, but there’s nothing to be embarrassed about! I’m never afraid to tell people about this stuff. Who cares?”

Opening up about his decision to get hair plugs, he explained, “I had to start wearing this spray to fill in my hair, and I just hated it. Every time I was on TV, I was spraying my hair, and it was just a pain. So I was like, I want to get plugs to fill it in.”

He emphasized that the goal is not to change who he is, stating, “I’m just trying to edit it a little bit!” This candid update on his self-editing journey comes a month after *NSYNC released “Better Place,” their first single in 20 years. Fatone hinted that there might be more to come from the iconic group, composed of Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez, Lance Bass, and Chris Kirkpatrick.

This news has been read 715 times!

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